no tomfoolery today, ron

The Fearless Tour will always be my favorite tour.

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Anonymous: "Soon ?-NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! not again."

I KNOW I KNOW OKAY BUT LISTEN HERE A FEW WEEKS AGO SOMEONE STARTED GETTING ANNOYING ABOUT NOT HAVING ALBUM INFO SO IT IMMEDIATELY GOT PUSHED TO THE FOREFRONT OF EVERYONE’S MIND AND IT’S ALL ANYONE’S TALKING ABOUT AND IT’S MAKING US GO CRAZY!!!!!! if we take a moment….. and maybe a few deep breaths….. we can remember that she didn’t announce the red livechat until august 6th or 7th in 2012 so this isn’t IRREGULAR like everyone is acting like taylor is waiting so long to announce it but it’s NORMAL everyone needs to clam down a bit i get that it’s exciting but people are getting AGGRESSIVE and it’s so early in the game we all need to dial down a few notches

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I just have a really strong feeling……………………..Taylor’s 5th album is going to be like Florence and the Machine and Adele type of indie-pop……………because that would be the BEST thing she could possibly do in my opinion, going down the road of bubblegum pop is not what she wants to do, it was FUN but come on that’s not a career-length thing that she’d EVER do if I know her ways like I think I do

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my friend’s friend whose friend’s mom’s friend’s son works at a coffee shop taylor goes to a lot in nyc saw her text the name of the new album to her friend and he told his mom what it is and she told her friend who told her daughter who told her friend who told her friend who told me SO i’d say i’m pretty far above the rest of you when it comes to album 5 info

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lol i’m still sad that i couldn’t get pit i hope this time she releases pit tickets at the same time as the other ones so i don’t have to wind up with 2 pairs of super expensive tickets on my hands if i want pit!!!!!!!!!!

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Anonymous: "and yeah I'm so pissed moral of the story people even if someone doesn't specify they want a convo to be kept private just keep your trap shut anyway. if it's about something personal and you're in private, chances are, it's meant to be kept that way jfc"

judging from the wording of this message i think there is a first message that didn’t go through ugh man im sorry

but anyway i feel that a lot lol god i always end up being friends with the type of people that do this idk what it IS why do i attract this weirdly specific form of assholery??? why do people not get the whole PRIVATE INFO = DISCRETION thing it is not a difficult concept

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Petition to stop all bugs

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